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Committee Members

Sheila Murdoch Copeland President / Publicity

Kathy Moorhouse Secretary

Sasha Mullings Treasurer / Centre Manager

Lynne Bowes Vice President / Schools Reading Coordinator / Librarian

Beryl Booth Membership / Advertising

Sarah Makin Editor (

Ian Hurley Travel

Francine Sanchez Spanish Liaison

Sheila Dye General

Mike Witherspoon Co-opted

Non-Committee Members

Frank Moorhouse Travel with Ian Hurley

Mike Witherspoon Co-opted


Plaza San Antonio
Albox 04800


+34 602 495 306
(During opening hours only please)


Opening Hours

10am – 1pm  Tue – Fri
Closed: Sat, Sun & Mon

Postal Enquiries

Almanzora Group of Friends
Plaza San Antonio
Albox 04800