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Help Desk to help solve your Spanish related problems


Kate Salt is a very welcome addition to our Library.

Kate speaks fluent Spanish and can translate/answer questions on official notifications.

With WiFi available in the Centre, she can also make Doctor’s appointments and access official websites, such as Tráfico.

We are extremely grateful to Kate for agreeing to provide this services for us.

Kate will be at the centre on Friday Mornings between 10 and 1.

The HELP DESK is a FREE membership service.

We also offer many other services, all free to members.

Contact us for more information.


Plaza San Antonio
Albox 04800


+34 602 495 306
(During opening hours only please)


Opening Hours

10am – 1pm  Tue – Fri
Closed: Sat, Sun & Mon

Postal Enquiries

Almanzora Group of Friends
Plaza San Antonio
Albox 04800