Kate AtkinsonA God in RuinsA84
Lynda BellinghamThere’s Something I’ve Been Dying  to Tell YouB324
David DowningSilesian StationD75
Stettin StationD76
Robert FinnEx MachinaF50
Judy FinniganI Do Not SleepF52
Ken FollettPaper MoneyF26
A Dangerous FortuneF21
Lie Down with LionsF27
Kate FurnivallThe Concubine’s SecretF19
The LiberationF188
Mike GayleMr CommitmentH187
Torey HaydenGhost GirlH163
Patricia HighsmithCarolH189
Nick HornbyHow to be GoodH171
Susan HillThe Woman in BlackH174
Maggie HopeOrphan GirlH30
Marian KeyesThe Woman Who Stole My LifeK14s
Andy McDermottThe Tomb of HerculesM125
B A ParisThe Break DownP211
Lucinda RileyThe Storm SisterR243
Lisa ScottolineDevil’s CornerS16
Karin SlaughterPretty GirlsS023
Adriana TrigianiThe Supreme Macaroni CompanyT76
Tim WeaverFall from GraceW95
David AttenboroughLife on AirQ001
Books about Spain
Junta De AndaluciaThe Alhambra and GeneralifeESP109

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Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library. If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy.