Lisa GardnerLook for MeG282
John GrishamThe WhistlerG283
Peter JamesDead if you Don’tJ144
Marian KeyesThe BreakK251
Sophie KinsellaMini ShopaholicK252
Rosanna LeyThe Little Theatre by the SeaL208
Jill MansellThis Could Change EverythingM298
Santa MontefioreThe Temptation of GraceM291
Kitty NealeAbandoned ChildN80
Jo NesboThe ThirstN79
Rosamunde PilcherWinter SolsticeP223
Jean PlaidySaint Thomas’s EveP189
Annie ProulxBarkskinsP169
Kate ThompsonSecrets of the Sewing BeeT139
Sue WilsherWhen My Ship Comes InW04
Books in Spanish
Descubriendo El ArteEl GoticoSPAN 30
Precolombino Y OrientalSPAN 31
Alta Edad Media Y Arte IslamicoSPAN 32
Romanico Y BizantinoSPAN 33
GreciaSPAN 34
RomaSPAN 35
Barroco Y NeoclasicismoSPAN 36
Siglos XIX y XXSPAN 37
El RenacimientoSPAN 38
EgiptoSPAN 39
Peliculas DisneyPinochoSPAN 40
RatatouilleSPAN 41
Alicia en el paise de las MaravillasSPAN 42
DumboSPAN 43
Buscando A NemoSPAN 44
Toy Story Aventuras Entre AmigosSPAN 45
Robin HoodSPAN 46
CampanillaSPAN 47
BlancanievesSPAN 48
Toy StorySPAN 49
AladinSPAN 50
Los AristogatosSPAN 51

Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library. If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy