Phillipa Ashley Summer at the Cornish Care A141*
  Spring on the Little Cornish Isles A142*
  Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles A143*
David Baldacci Redemption B141*
Michele Campbell She was the quiet one C241*
J.P. Carter In Safe Hands C241*
  At Your Door C279*
Carl Chinn Peaky Blinders – The Real Story C254*
Sophie Draper Cuckoo D77*
Teresa Driscoll I will make you pay D159*
Ashley Gardner The Hanover Square Affair G120*
Jenny Hale We’ll Always Have Christmas H166
Stacey Halls The Familiars H354*
Lindsey Kelk One in a Million K256*
Shari Lapena A Stranger in the house L220*
  An Unwanted Guest L219*
Phoebe Morgan The Doll House M315*
Deborah O’Connor My Husband’s Son O77*
Adele Parks Lies Lies Lies P247*
Anna Quindlen Miller’s Valley QF14*
C.J. Sansom Tombland S387
Tina Seskis Home Truths S386*
Mel Sherratt Hush Hush S383*
K.L. Slater The Mistake S384*
Karin Slaughter The Last Widow S327*
Karen Swan The Christmas Party S385*
Sarah Vaughan Anatomy of a Scandal V41
Roz Watkins The Devil’s Dice W103*
Science Fantacy/Fiction    
Paul J Bennett Shadow of the Crown SF010*
Ian C. Esslemont Kellanved’s Reach SF036*
Ben Galley Dead Stars part two SF035*
Jeff Wheeler Broken Veil SF011*

Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library.   If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy.