Lucy Clarke                                     You Let Me In                                              C172*

Bernard Cornwell                            Fools and Mortals                              C378

Barry Eisler                                      The Killer Collective                          E03*

A.J. Finn                                           The woman in the window                F104*

Caro Fraser                                      The Summer House Party                  F192*

Kate Furnivall                                  The Survivors                                     F187*

Fiona Gibson                                    The woman who upped and left        G216*

Amy Heydenrych                             Shame on You                                              H193


Milly Johnson                                   The Birds and the Bees                     J114

Stephen King                                               Sleeping Beauties Owen King           K254

Sophie Kinsella                                 If you love me Surprise Me               K195*

David Lagercrantz                           The Girl who takes an eye for an eye            L120*

The Girl in the Spider’s Web             L121*

Amy Lloyd                                        The Innocent Wife                             L107*

Santa Montefiore                             The Last Secret of the Deverills        M60*

Heather Morris                                The tattooist of Auschwitz                M198*

Jo Nesbo                                           Macbeth                                             N83*

Maggie O’Farrell                             I am I am I am                                               O04*

B A Paris                                          Behind Closed Doors                        P123*

Victoria Selman                                Blood for Blood                                S125*

Josie Silver                                        One Day in December                                   S97*


Danielle Steel                                    Mirror Image                                      S24

Colin Sutton                                     Manhunt                                            S93*



Alex Haley                                        Roots                                                 DB53

Stephenie Meyer                               The Host                                            DB54

Ted Smart                                         Penguin Classics                                DB57

Books with a * are brand new books purchased this month with the help of monies collected from the Library donations tin.

Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library.   If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy.