Kate AtkinsonEmotionally WeirdA112
Chris CarterI am DeathC453
Kimberley ChambersTainted LoveC452
Le ChildNight SchoolC454
Lucy ClarkeLast SeenC451
Jennifer DonnellyA Gathering of LightD155
Margaret ForsterDiary of an Ordinary WomanF257
Laurie GrahamThe Importance of Being KennedyG281
Heather GudenkaufOne Breath AwayG280
Lars KeplerStalkerK249
Sarah J NaughtonTattle TaleN76
Lynda PageA Bitter LegacyP152
James PattersonMurder GamesP165
Nicky PellegrinoRecipe for LifeP158
Ian RankinFleshmarket CloseR141
Nora RobertsChesapeake BlueR140
Karin SlaughterThe Good DaughterS101
Danielle SteelThe AwardS92
Rose TremainThe Gustav SonataT138
Wendy WalkerAll is not forgottenW178
Susan WilkinsThe MournerW179
Mineko IwasakiGeisha of GionQ6


Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library.   If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy