Jeffrey Archer                   Nothing Ventured               A066*

Cathy Bramley                  A Patchwork Family             B244*

Lee Child                             Die Trying                             C312*

Bridget Collins                  The Binding                           C382*

Jeffery Deaver                  The Never Game                  D002*

Philippa East                      Little White Lies                  E008*

Mark Edwards                   The House Guest                 E002*

Mark Edwards                   Here To Stay                          E006*

Allison Dickson                 The Other Mrs Miller           D153*

Dave Eggers                       Heroes Of The Frontier        E040*

Philippa Gregory             Tidelands                                 G238*

Elly Griffiths                      The Dark Angel                      G269*

Mari Hannah                     The Lost                                  H212*

Max Hastings                    Chastise The Dambusters     H034*

Cara Hunter                       All The Rage                            H220*

Olivia Kiernan                   Too Close To Breathe             K240*

Susan Lewis                       Home Truths                           L131*

T.M. Logan                          The Catch                                L112*

Claire McGowan              The Other Wife                        M085*

Lesley Pearse                    You’ll Never See Me Again     P088*

Amanda Prowse               The Light In The Hallway        P104*

Peter Robinson                 Many Rivers To Cross              R146*

Mandy Robotham           The Secret Messenger             R142*

Colm Toibin                       Brooklyn                                    T088*

Harriet Tyce                       Blood Orange                           T113*

Fiona Valpy                        The Dressmakers Gift             V042*

Science Fantasy

Jonathon French              The Grey Bastards                    SF015

Scott Lynch                         The Republic of Thieves         SF028   

Non Fiction

Mary Beard                        S,P.Q.R                                       Q111

Paul O’Grady                     Open The Cage Murphy          Q114

Books marked with * are new books we have purchased with donations from our library users.