Cecelia AhernThe Year I met YouA97
Isabel AllendePortrait in SepiaA110
Raffaella BarkerSummertimeB371
Pearl S. BuckThe Good EarthB7
Dilly CourtThe Best of SistersC231
Dean CrawfordApocalypseC230
David DonachieThe Admirals’ GameD147
A Flag of TruceD148
Alicia FosterWarpaintF204
Jonathan FreedlandThe 3rd WomanF219
Alex GrayThe Darkest GoodbyeG6
Tara HylandFallen AngelsH129
Dinah JefferiesThe SeparationJ061
The Silk Merchant’s DaughterJ062
Milly JohnsonAn Autumn CrushJ072
Jonathan KellermanDeceptionK4
Kate KerriganEllis IslandL38
Milan KunderaImmortalityK30
Alex LakeKilling KateL42
Stephen LeatherThe BombmakerL118
Rosanna LeyLast Dance in HavanaL103
Elinor LipmanIsabel’s BedL036
James McGeeRatcatcherM139
Edward MarstonFire of SwordM221
Patrick MercerDust and SteelM243
To Do and DieM244
Santa MontefioreSongs of Love and WarM59
Daughters of Castle DeverillM78
Juliet NicholsonAbdicationN26
Joyce Carol OatesThe FallsO47
Anthony RichesEMPIRE Arrows of FuryR207
Chris RyanFlash FloodR246
Wilbur SmithWarlockS206
Jo ThomasThe Olive BranchT37
Rose TremainRestorationT13
Margaret MitchellGone with the WindCL058
Science Fantasy
John GwynneMaliceSF26
Fiction in connection with Spain
Victoria HislopThe ReturnESP111
Non Fiction
Nathaniel PhilbrickIn the Heart of the SeaQ2
Books in Spanish /Cooking
ParragonEveryday TapasESP110

Many thanks to all those who have donated books to the library. If they do not appear on a New Additions listing they may be waiting to be processed, or we may have already had the book in the library and replaced it with your better copy